About Us

Who are YouCan and where did we come from? We’re part of the Children’s Development Trust, a charity that has been operating for 9 years, mostly with children and young people, helping them to improve their lives through well-being, sport, health and the arts.

We realised that everyone we know has been impacted by cancer in some way so we decided to set up YouCan to specifically support young people, covering so many important times, such as changing schools, going to Uni, starting work and planning a future. With positive guidance and support when you need it, we don’t offer any medical care at all, but we will be alongside during and after treatment, because we know that you need that support long afterwards.

So, who are we then? Well, take a look at our team pages above – we have a great team with backgrounds working with other young people’s charities, and our advisory panel and trustees are also very experienced professionals.

Maybe more importantly though, we get it. We’ve all been personally impacted by cancer, through friends, family and even some the team directly, so we understand.

We’re here for you, so get in touch.


About YouCan | Youth Cancer Support